Spinach picking, Food Inspector John F. Earnshaw at spinach canning plant 
Baltimore, Maryland
ca. 1914-1915
Arthur J. Olmstead, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Arthur J. Olmstead Collection
Maryland Historical Society

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Temptations for the Formerly Incarcerated?

Wes Mullins, 22, can name a few, like “big-booty women” and nice cars.

He’s out of prison after serving time for drug dealing. Grew up in Camden, NJ, surrounded by crime and drug abuse. His mom, a former prostitute, died this year, and all his brothers, he said, are dead as well.

However, Wes is trying to turn his life around. He’s staying at The Castle, a halfway house in Washington Heights, and he’s moving to Maine in a few days, to join Job Corps.

But temptations and negative influences abound in New York City. Here are a few:

  1. Big-booty women. I love ‘em. Pretty women…. Since I been in New York I’ve seen different types of women. I’m used to seein the same types of women [in Camden] – money-hungry gold-diggin bitches, I mean women.”

  2. Cars. People with cars. Nice cars. Stores — you see a lot of stuff in the window that you want. When you desperate, you start doing desperate things. You start scheming. Your will’s criminal activity starts coming out.”

  3. Haters.They say ‘You’re gonna be just like your dad, you’re gonna end up like your mom.’ Shit like that. Or ‘You’re gonna be locked up. You’re still a dumb hood, nigger, dumb hood rat. You belong in the projects. You act like a wild boy, atrocity.’”
  4. “I’m seeing people selling drugs [on the street], so I’ll be like ‘Damn, I wanna sell,’ especially if I’m broke, when they pull out that big-old bank roll, I’ll be like, ‘Damn, think of all that money. I could use that in my pocket.’”


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FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders in the online store ends tonight at midnight EST. Use promo code AUGUSTFREE at checkout.


Spoilers have been talked about a bunch lately with NBC broadcasting most of the Olympic events on tape delay in the US. Whether or not this is a problem (it’s not, get over it), it turns out most people enjoy books and movies more if they’ve been spoiled. Do you hate when the…


Here in Oregon, we are deep in moving season, which is too bad. Moving, of course, is the most awful thing in the world. Moving is worse than giving birth to a foal out of your butt (I imagine).

But there are some ways in which packing can be less painful. As someone who has moved way,…